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Pagemasters' Pointers

Manditory Reading for Pagemasters

Pagemaster are volunteers of the ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. to maintain the Web pages of the different sections.

Pagemasters' Meetings

This group is a forum for the discussion of web related issues for the volunteer pagemasters which publish on this server. Please attend this group regularly for the latest information about our web server, and for answers to the questions that you and your fellow pagemasters are asking. We will try to meet on the third mondays of each month, but the times will vary to suit members needs as reported to us.

General Pointers

Design Philosophy

  • Make sure your inline graphics are well behaved. When you generate tags for inline graphics always include the height and width qualifiers. This helps browsers format the page faster, and allows them to display all the text on a page before they have the graphics downloaded. You should also be sure to include the ALT qualifier for the benefit of text browsers and those who have inline graphics turned off. For example, the banner on top of this page looks like this:

    Webmaster's Corner

  • Always list a Point of Contact at the bottom of the page. You should always list an office or if possible a person responsible for the data on that page. Make use of the A HREF="Mailto:" tag to make it easy for people to contact your POC. See the bottom of this page for an example.
  • If you need to restrict access to your pages consult with the Webmaster. There are various ways to do this. Remember, no classified or sensitive data is allowed on the server.
  • Try to follow a consistent style.
  • Use the Web as an alternate distribution method for your documents to reduce/eliminate paper.

    Learning HTML

    Other Pointers

    Webmaster's Toolbox

    For a list of tools to help you provide functionality to your web pages, see the Webmaster's Toolbox.

    Pagemasters' Tools Menu

    A menu of admin tools for the pagemasters. Includes, access control, file management, and HTML validation tools. Most require Pagemaster ID/password.

    Page Counters

    Many of you have been asking about page counters. Before you read the rest of this take a look at the Statistics Page. The info you want to gather may already be available in the statistics. If you still think you need counters read on.

    This page has been accessed times since 1 Apr 96.

    To put a counter on your home page, you need to first e-mail the Webmasters and ask us to set up the data file for you. Your request should include: We will not put a counter on every single page you own, so don't even ask.
    Check the on-line docs for details on how to implement a counter on your homepage.

    Preferences for Netscape as used by ARK

    Below are some of the important parameters to set under the "Options/Preferences" pull-down menu in Netscape.

    Mail and Menus

    Mail (SMTP) Server: ?
    Your Name: your name
    Your Email: your full email address, i.e., ?
    Your Organization: ARK

    News (NNTP) Server: ?

    HTTP Proxy: ?   Port: ?
    Security Proxy: ?   Port: ?
    No Proxy for: ?  

    Cache and Network

    I recommend that you run with the Disk Cache set to zero. I've found that this can speed response time. Set Memory Cache to whatever amount seems appropriate considering the memory size of the particular PC.

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