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11/20/99 Notice: Support Requested for Dr. Phillip Johnson


As you may know, Dr. Phillip Johnson recently appeared on two days of broadcast on Focus on the Family. We have learned that the Focus people have received a letter protesting Johnson's appearance on the broadcast. It appears this opposition is from members of the ASA who maintain that a person can be a Christian and yet hold to the evolutionary ideas, the ones Johnson so opposes.

We, at the Creation Research Society's email forum (CRSnet), believe it is an opportunity to let Focus on the Family know that not all scientists feel this same way. We are, therefore, constructing a brief letter to Colorado Springs, letting them know that Johnson is on track. We believe this letter will be best if we attach the names of scientists who agree.

It is fair to say that many others would agree with such a letter and would like their names attached. It is for this reason that I am writing to you. Maybe you could spread the word. Before sending the letter on, I will send each participant an email copy to be sure all are in agreement. Those who would like to be included should send me their names, degrees, positions, etc. The ASA letter, I am to understand, had about 20 persons signing. It would seem reasonable that we could muster many more. Do pass this along as you see fit, and get back to me.

Thank you so kindly.

In His service,

Dan Schobert, The Creation Report, Box 558, Plover, WI 54467

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