Search for the Truth 
A Series to Teach & Challenge 
By Bruce Malone 
Index Intro
This is a popular series published in our newsletter and in the Christian Citizen newspaper as an outreach ministry of ARK. If you can contribute to the cost of the outreach, please contact ARK by Email or call (937) 256-ARKY. These are also now being added to our web page, one at a time (sometimes more than one). Come back and see them as they are added in the future.

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Search for the Truth Index & Series under consideration 
Age of the Earth  Anthropology  Biochemistry  Biology  Christianity  Geology 
Miscellaneous  Paleontology  Physics & Cosmology  Reality/Truth  Society  Value of Life 
Age of the Earth 
  • 1 Assumptions Are Everything 
  • 2 Many Dating Methods Hint At a Young Earth 
  • 3 More Clues That the Earth Is Young 
  • 4 Carbon 14 Dating Is Often Wrong 
  • 5 Polar Ice Is Also Young 
  • Biochemistry 
  • 1 No Chance of Life by Chance 
  • 2 Try Looking in the Microscope 
  • 3 Not Enough Monkeys in the Universe 
  • 4 Until the Builder returns 
  • 5 Irreducible Complexity 
  • 6 The Old Swashed Bug Evidence 
  • Value of Life 
  • 1 Human Value Can't Exist Without God 
  • 2 Only One Cure For This Disease 
  • 3 Pro-Abortion Logic Is Illogical 
  • 4 Why Should the Innocent Pay 
  • 5 Death with Dignity 
  • 6 From Goo to You By Way of the Zoo 
  • Series under consideration 
  • 1 Fossils 
  • 2 Society (needs absolutes) 
  • 3 Survival of the Fittest 
  • 4 Second law of Thermodynamics 
  • 5 More dating methods 
  • 6 Vestigal Features 
  • 7 Coal formation 
  • 8 Why are Marsupials in Australia 
  • 9 Magic, Science & Great Mysteries 
  • Biology 
  • 1 With Evolution Its All or Nothing 
  • 2 Natural Selection - Darwin's Magic Potion 
  • 3 Mutations Are Harmful Mistakes 
  • 4 Concepts Have Consequences 
  • 5 Human Design Is No Accident 
  • 6 Complexity Testifies to Design 
  • 7 Similarity Doesn't Prove Relationship 
  • 8 From Noah's Ark to Survival of the Fittest 
  • 9 Stasis - More Support for Creation 
  • 10 Only God Can Make an Instinct 
  • Miscellaneous 
  • 1 Evolution Is Based on Modern Myths 
  • 2 Why Do We Have A Conscience? 
  • 3 Does It Matter How God Created? 
  • 4 Noah's Ark Was No Little Boat!

  • 5 Resources for reality 
  • 6 Humanism is the only Allowed Public Religion
  • 7 Evolution and Christianity Are Mutually Exclusive 
  • 8 Inherit the Lie
  • 9 Creation Scientists Are Abundant 
  • 10 Science Foundation Laid by Creationists 
  • 11 Ancient Chinese Language Supports Creation

  • Christianity 
  • 1 Verbicide: The Murder of a Word 
  • 2 That's One Body That'll never Be Found 
  • 3 History Validates the Bible 
  • 4 Suppose 
  • 5 You Have a Plan 
  • 6 Not What They Expected 
  • 7 Why God Cannot Be Combined With Evolution 
  • Geology 
  • 1 Contrasting Views of Reality 
  • 2 Resolving the Mysterious Past 
  • 3 Mt. St. Helens Provides Creation Model 

  • 4 Water Can Move Mountains (Rapidly) 
  • 5 How Did Those Trees Get There? 
  • Reality/Truth 
  • 1 Truth & God are Inseparatable 
  • 2 Science Can Never Define Reality 
  • 3 The Day the Earth Stood Still 
  • 4 What is Truth 
  • 5 Turn On Your Baloney Detector 
  • 6 Watch for the Snow Job 
  • 7 Absolutes 

  • Anthropology 
  • 1 Objectivity is the Missing Link 
  • 2 Man's Slippery Family Tree 
  • 3 Man or Ape But No Apeman 

  • Paleontology 
  • 1 Fossils Do Not Prove Evolution Universe 
  • 2 Evolutionism Full of Missing Links 
  • 3 Why the Dinosaurs Died 

  • Physics & Cosmology 
  • 1 Only A Personal Test Matters 
  • 2 Can Energy & Time Produce Life 
  • 3 Relativity and Reality 
  • 4 The Big Bang: A Big Dud? 
  • 5 Where Have All the Remnants Gone
  • Society 
  • 1 Without Absolutes No Society Can Last 

  • 2 Prayer In School Affects All of Society 
  • 3 No Stopping on the Slippery Slope 

  • Introduction to the SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH series

    The majority of the attached articles were originally published in the Granville Booster between 3/93 and 3/94. Other are continuing to be published in the Newark Advocate on a regular basis. They deal with subjects as diverse as the value of life, evidence for supernatural creation, and the nature of mankind. The common thread tying the series together is the assumption that truth does exist and that examination of all of the evidence supports a Biblical understanding of our universe, from its formation to its present condition.

    These articles have been critiqued by scientists of all applicable fields (both creationists and evolutionists) and are accurate to the best of my knowledge. They are written for a non-technical audience with the goals of being

    My ultimate goal is to encourage as many people as possible to search for the truth. These articles contain information which is not typical reported by most media or educational sources. Please feel free to copy and distribute these articles to anyone who might be interested. I believe they will be especially effective if used in church newsletters. The articles are grouped according to the following categories:
    1. Biology (B series) - Evidence for creation from an understanding of the inherent design of nature. Why the proposed mechanisms of evolution (natural selection and mutations) fail to explain how it could have happened naturally.
    2. Geology (G series) - Evidence for a worldwide catastrophe which would have created the fossil record rapidly.
    3. Truth & Reality (R series) - Evidence for the existence of absolute truth and God's existence. The nature of mankind and history of the past.
    4. Age of the Earth (D series) - How dating methods work and a variety of methods which indicate the earth and universe are quite young. Why some methods give excessively old ages.
    5. Paleontology (P series) - How the fossil record formed and why it supports creation.
    6. General (I series) - General articles dealing mainly with the implications of accepting evolution as fact.
    7. Biochemistry (C series) - Evidence for creation from an understanding of the basic chemistry of life.
    8. Government (S series) - Discussion of the historical basis of our culture and the basis for our governmental authority.
    9. Thermodynamics or Cosmology (T series) - Evidence for the supernatural origin of our universe and life from thermodynamics to the study of the cosmos.
    10. Christianity (F series) - Evidence supporting the factual nature of the supernatural events described in the Bible. General articles dealing with the basics of Christian beliefs.
    11. Anthropology (A series) - Discussion of what was "ape man" and how these creatures fit into history.
    12. Value of Life (V series) - Christian response to issues concerning the treatment of life in such controversial areas as abortion or euthanasia.
    If you can obtain permission to have the series published in a newsletter, it would be advisable to contact me to make sure you have a complete and updated set. [This web page should also be the latest set when it is complete.] Feel free to pick and choose as you print the articles. I believe the overall set serves as an excellent introduction to the evidence supporting a Biblical Christian world view and shows the fallacy of the evolutionary world view. Most people have never seen the evidence for creation and therefore have no choice but to blend evolutionary philosophy with true Christianity. Please use these articles to open their eyes.

    If you have found these articles useful or are printing them in your church newsletter, please let me know. There is nothing more encouraging than hearing that your efforts have been put to good use.

    May the love of Christ and pursuit of the truth be inseparable in your life.

    Copyright Bruce Malone; formerly of Granville, Ohio 43023 

    This space has been provided by the Christian Celebration Center and the ARK Foundation of Dayton. If you would like a full set of articles, stop by the church office or write to Bruce Malone; 3275 Monroe Rd.; Midland, MI 48642. Permission is granted to copy for non-profit use. Copyright 1998.
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