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PO Box 19831, Indianapolis, IN 46033-9353
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Meeting Information

ICSA meetings are at 7:00 PM and are free, educational, useful in evangelism... even entertaining.
ICSA meets monthly in Indianapolis, IN on the (3rd) Thursdays at the
Post Road Christian Church
1112 North Post Road
Indianapolis, IN
Room 232 [upstairs and to your right.

NEXT Meeting

When:             Thursday, January 26, 2006
Time:              7PM
What:              DVD from Institute for Creation Research
                        Thousands, Not Billions
                        This is an EXCELLENT DVD on additional scientific data supporting the young earth paradigm.  It’s not too technical but it’s very well presented.  It’s a summary and synopsis of the RATE group review presented at ICR in early November, 2005
                          Additionally, we’ll cover the Indiana issues as they relate to the creation and evolution issues.

The Indiana Creation Science Association will also have a table at the Indiana Association of Home Educators in late March.  Ken Ham will be the featured speaker at the IAHE this year.<>Would you like to help out?

<> Book Review of Refuting Evolution written by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, of Answers in Genesis (reviewed by Paul Eilers)

Statement of Belief

  • We believe in special creation instead of macro-evolution.
  • We believe the Bible to be divinely inspired and historically accurate.
  • Based on scientific data, we believe the earth and universe are comparatively young.
  • The flood in the days of Noah was an historical event, worldwide in extent and effect.
  • As Christians, we believe that salvation made necessary by the fall of Adam, comes only through Christ.
  • The Indiana Creation Science Association is part of a global network of Biblically based young earth creation organizations which hold to the view that life was created by God and that life did not evolve via chemical or biological evolution (‘molecules to man’). Life on the earth, the solar system and the universe were created by God as indicated in Scripture. Additionally, members of ICSA hold to the worldwide flood of Noah and that salvation is obtained only by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    <>The Indiana Creation Science Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  For further information on the ICSA, its speakers and events please contact the ICSA at or write us at POBox 19831; Indianapolis, IN  46219 .


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    If you would like to apply for membership to ICSA, write to:
    The Indiana Creation Science Association
    ATTN: Don C. Paul, ICSA
    P.O. Box 19831
    Indianapolis, IN. 46219
    (317) 596-3800

    ICSA Points of Contact

    Indiana Creation Science Association, P.O. Box 19831, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

    Board of Directors
    : Tom Foltz, President
    Mark Partridge, Vice President
    Don C. Paul, Treasurer
    Tony Kniffen, Secretary and Newsletter Editor

    You may also contact by Email Dave Kelly for more information.

    Past Meeting Information

  •  ICSA Meeting, Nov 17, 2005:
  • Teleconference presentation by Ken Carlson of Kansas. Ken was involved with the Intelligent Design movement in Kansas. 60 minutes, approximately. [This should be a VERY informative presentation on the experiences in Kansas and how you may help in Indiana. You’ll find out some important ‘behind-the-scenes- information and become more aware of the progress in Kansas, Ohio and other states. This meeting will address how you can use your knowledge and contacts to reduce the effects of Darwinian or macro-evolution. UPDATE: Ken will have some information to share on the new 6-4 victory in Kansas. We will also update you on the articles in the Indianapolis Star and what else might be happening in Indiana.]

  •  ICSA Meeting, Oct 20, 2005:
  • This month's presentation will be a phone conference with Ken Carlson, who has been very active in the Kansas School Board hearings regarding the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design issue.

  • ICSA Meeting, January 20, 2000
  • ICSA past Meetings

  • November's meeting will be held on Thursday, 11/17.  The topic is New Evidences for a Young Earth - a review of the results of the RATE conference to be held in early November by ICR.s

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