US Constitution
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This IOTC course will show you why you need to know the Constitution. We are teaching you How To Use It! The link #1 below for the IOTC Course Outline with Supplementals is the active local course pages.
IOTC Study
  • IOTC Course One Outline with Supplementals [Basic starter]***

  • IOTC Course Two Outline with Supplementals [Adds additional material and revisits the basic course one.]
  • Checklist Comparison of both courses above in detail (PDF file)
  • IOTC Leader/Student Training Schedules
  • Resources Recommended: These courses are both FREE, but books are useful in taking them and donations are appreciated.
  • Reference
  • Bill of Rights Definition Study
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Information/News & Groups Pages (links)
  • External
    Sources (links)
  • Charters of Freedom
  • IOTC Official Web Site .
  • Ricki Pepin's Web Site .
  • Library of Congress
  • USA Constitution
  • US Constitition Dictionary.
  • Websters Original 1828 Dictionary Online
  • Hillsdale College FREE on-line course on the Constitution is another recent resource. [2/2/2012 8:46:34 AM]
  • This link introduces several sections on historical POLICY ISSUES:

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