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Institute on the Constitution Course 2
[This is a new implementation using all the basic materials, adding proven supplements, and other useful information.]
Lista are basic in class topics and extensive homework readings and DVDs recommended.

IOTC2, Course #2 Description Information for the IOTC 2 Course by week [with comparison to older IOTC1 outline class subjects]:
  1. An American View of Law, Liberty, & Government [1]
  2. The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers [3]
  3. The Philosophical Worldview of the Constitution [4]
  4. 1776-1789 from Independence to the Constitution [5]
  5. Overview of the Constitution: Preamble & Article I [6]
  6. Overview of the Constitution: Articles II & III [7]
  7. Overview of the Constitution: Articles IV, V, VI, VII [8]
  8. The Bill of Rights: The First Amendment [9]
  9. Amendments II - X [10]
  10. Amendments XI - XXVII [10]
  11. The Crisis of the Constitution: From Biblical Absolutes to Humanistic Relativism [11+]
  12. Reclaiming the Constitution: How Do We Approach the Restoration of the American Constitutional Republic [12+]

These are articles used as homework within the IOTC 2 Course by week:

  1. How Tyranny Came to America , in manual
  2. What is a Republic Anyway?, by Scott T. Whiteman, Esq. in manual
  3. Declaration of Independence in manual and this ARKY link.
  4. Articles of Confederation
    The US Constitution in manual
  5. ARKY's local version of 'the law' with comments and weekly assignments. Also in book.
  6. BOOK: The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College
  7. Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 HR 3799 IH in manual (maybe)
  8. Letters to/from Thomas Jefferson in manual
  9. No Reading assignment
  10. Surprising Facts About The Sixteenth Amendment, by John Sasser
    Defects in the Ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, by Bill Benson
  11. The Darwinization of Law in America, by Pastor David Whitney in manual
  12. No Reading assignment
DVD optional homework within the IOTC 2 Course by week:
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