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  • Christian Essentials Made Easy,
    Category: Bible+, By: Carden, Paul-=- Retail Price: 9.99-=- ARKY Price: 5.99
    Catalog#: 6932, Length: 20, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: DVD
  • In just minutes you can have a basic explanation of the key Christian beliefs everyone should know. This is vital for Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, and small group leaders. The leader and participant PDF guides are included on the disc. Perfect for a one hour session.
  • Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps, CD-ROM Included
    Category: Bible+, By: Rose Publishing-=- Retail Price: 29.99-=- ARKY Price: 17.99
    Catalog#: 4509, Length: 20, Ages: High school/Adult, Type: Hardback book
  • Full-color Bible maps with clear plastic overlays of modern cities and countries. The CD-ROM that gives you a JPG of each map to use in your own Bible material as well as PDFs of each map and overlay to create your own handouts or overhead transparencies. Create your own presentations with these digitized maps.
  • God in Real Life,
    Category: God, By: Rose Publishing-=- Retail Price: 14.99-=- ARKY Price: 8.99
    Catalog#: 5318, Length: 0, Ages: High school/Adult, Type: Softback book
  • To navigate life's tough choices, teens and young adults need a real relationship with God in their real life. This full color book provides clear, biblical answers to questions about Jesus, Christianity, other religions, pop occultism, evolution, sex, decision making, and growning closer to God. Great for youth groups, Bible studies, new believers, or anyone who wants to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus at school, at home, and with friends. Includes a six week study guide for personal or group Bible studies. Contains: Worldviews; Jesus; Pursuing Jesus; What Christianity Has Done for the World; Tough Questions about Christianity; Answers to Evolution: 10 Q&A on Magic; Why Wait?; Knowing God's Will.
  • Rose Book of Bible Charts 2,
    Category: Bible+, By: Rose Publishing-=- Retail Price: 29.99-=- ARKY Price: 17.99
    Catalog#: 4759, Length: 192, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Hardback book
  • Contains 32 Rose pamphlets including Bible translations comparison; Why Trust the Bible?; Heroes of the Old Testament; Women of the Bible; Life of Paul; Christ in the Old Testament; Christ in the Passover; Names of Jesus; Beatitudes; Lord's Prayer; Where to Find Favorite Bible verses; Christianity and Eastern Religions; Worldviews Comparison; 10 Q&A on Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Magic, Atheism; Pursuing Jesus and many others.
  • Rose Guide to the Tabernacle, With Clear Overlays and Reproducible Pages
    Category: Bible+, By: Rose Publishing-=- Retail Price: 29.99-=- ARKY Price: 17.99
    Catalog#: 4760, Length: 128, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Hardback book
  • The Tabernacle ("tent of meeting") was the place where the Israelites worshiped God after the Exodus. Learn how the sacrifices, utensils, and even the structure of the tabernacle were designed to show us something about God. See the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and priests' duties and Jesus' service as perfect sacrifice and perfect high priest. See how: The Tabernacle was and moved. The Sacrifices pointed Jesus Christ. The design of the tent revealed God's holiness and humanity's need for God. The Ark of Covenant was at the center of worship.
  • Rose Guide to the Temple,
    Category: Bible+, By: Price, Randall-=- Retail Price: 29.99-=- ARKY Price: 17.99
    Catalog#: 6426, Length: 0, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Hardback book
  • How does it compare to other books? It has more illustrations than any other book on the Temple from a Christian Perspective. It is the only book with: clear plastic overlays, floor plans, cross sections, and full explanations of Solomon's Temple, Herod's Temple and the Tabernacle, timelines of more than 100 events -- from King David to Modern Day, 24 inch long poster showing the temple of Jesus' time: "Messiah in the Temple". Maps of Jerusalem over the centuries, full-color illustrations of the inside of Solomon's Temple. Modern-day aerial photo of the Temple with every major feature labeled.
  • Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas, with Biblical background and culture
    Category: Bible+, By: Wright, Paul H, Dr-=- Retail Price: 39.99-=- ARKY Price: 23.99
    Catalog#: 6820, Length: 272, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Hardback book
  • The only Atlas with both stunning Bible maps AND clear plastic overlays of modern cities and countries. Includes over 120 full-color accurate and updated topographical maps plus clear overlays for the most important regions. Also includes notes and arrows to show details and routes of people and events.
  • Then and Now Bible Maps Insert, Fits inside your Bible
    Category: Bible+, By: Rose Publishing-=- Retail Price: 16.99-=- ARKY Price: 10.19
    Catalog#: 4762, Length: 44, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Softback book
  • This Ultra thin Bible map insert fits inside the backcover of most modern Bibles.
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