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Public Speaking Tips

by Abayasekara's Arsenal
  1. Speak to express, not to impress.
  2. Focus on blessing, not impressing.
  3. The "U' (you) comes before the "I" in "public" speaking.
  4. Every "I" story must have a "you" message.
  5. Every member of the audience is tuned into the radio station "WIIFM" - "What's In It For Me?"
  6. When you go fishing, do you bait the hook with what you like to eat or what the fish likes to eat? Talk about the interests and needs of your audience, not simply what interests you.
  7. An effective speaker is so busy being audience-centered, he/she has no time to be self-centered.
  8. Fear of public speaking stems from the fear of being judged.
  9. The love of public speaking stems from the desire to irnpart something of value to your audience and the belief that you have something of value to give.
  10. The most important speech you will give is the one for which you are preparing; the most important audience you will ever have is yourself.
Source: June 2000, Success, pg 71
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