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Interview with Ken Ham by Ron Cooper, Part 4

Overview: This is the fourth of a four part series done on September 13, 1995 at the Dayton Answers In Genesis Seminar with Ken Ham. We will present a series with Dr Gary Parker starting next month. Your comments are appreciated. These interviews will maintain the verbal format with only changes to simplify repeats done in informal conversation. This interview will cover Ken's advice to the ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc.

Ron: Last comment, you know that we are a new organization, we are going to go through a lot of trials and tribulations. As a leader in your organization, what kind of advice would you give our leaders on the pitfalls to look out for and some of the blessings that we can expect?

Ken: Let me just say a few things here quickly because I gotta run here and talk and I want to have a few minutes to get my thoughts together before I get up there.

Somewhere I think you have to decide what the whole aim of your organization is. If your aim is to go out there and be against evolution and convert people to creationism, then I would say to forget it. If your aim is to understand the Bible as the Word of God and to see people converted to Christianity and to see Christians on fire for the Lord, understanding His Word, then I believe God will bless that.

Keep in mind [there are], many, many, many creation organizations across this nation, some of them have been there for twenty years. There is one in England that has been there for thirty years, most of creation groups have remained small. Do you know why? They have remained small because they get together as a little clique, it becomes a little boys club, or boys and girls club, or whatever you want to call it, it become like a little club atmosphere, they have meetings and they want to talk about halos and thermodynamics and all that and become technical, and technical science becomes interesting issues where they talk about [this] and all of the rest of it [technical subjects]. If that is what you are going to do, then nothing much will come of the group.

The ministry in Australia grew so rapidly and really if you compare it to America, population wise, even though the biggest creation organization is over here; but population wise and percentage of Christian wise, Australia is so far, far bigger, in fact so much bigger, it's incredible. It's one of the largest, if not the largest conservative Christian ministries in Australia, a land of only 17 million people, less than 2% born-again Christians. The reason, it is built on the relevance emphasis, like the message of the Genesis Solution. The more you start getting that emphasis into churches and I think we got to see this: How [else] are we going to reach the non-Christian? I personally believe it has to be through the church.

We got to evangelize the church to get the church on fire, people to be salt, to be out there witnessing to their non-Christian [friends] and witnessing in the market place. And that's what I'm talking on tonight, Creation Evangelism. And so I would say to you the number one priority has to be to go to the church and evangelize the church, get God's people equipped at believing God's Word and to answering those questions and giving them the biblical basis, attack evolution as a religion, show them the real importance of the book of Genesis, use the Genesis Solution movie.

I would also say this to your group that often I have found, I can say this because I don't know any of them and I haven't heard you either, often many people think they have a talent in speaking and I listen to them and say I don't hear any talent in speaking and they are dry and all the rest of it and there is an ego problem there I have seen with some people across the nation because they think "I can go out and speak." Now there are some people who have the ability, but I would suggest to you that you have to see what the God given talents really are and maybe what they should be doing is [showing] videos of those people who are tried and tested, who the Lord has given the talents to and don't reinvent the wheel, so to speak, and be a resource person.

You know I think there is a scripture that says something like this, paraphrasing it, He who wants to be a leader, must be a servant to all. You will notice even in our group, the speaker has a bad back from doing all of this, when we got to get down and pick things up, fold envelops pack books, pull down screens, we do it. You know when I go to a church and I have Phil and Mary there, man I'm helping with the screen, getting the projector done up, and help them put the books out. I'll help sell if there are too many people and not enough cash registers, just be prepared to do anything. We got to be prepared to be servants. Don't think of ourselves more highly than we ought, [especially] if we're really not a speaker.

Another thing, if you are going to be in this ministry, there really needs to be a degree of dedication, because one of the things that really concerns me is the number of people that see it as a club, but they don't really do much for the ministry. They don't really spend the time at it. You know we have a lot of trouble with our committees, now your committee here has done a lot of hard work, you are better than the majority of committees that we work with and I mean that, I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true cause I know it from the comments from the others. A lot of committees want their own way, I don't know whether it's we want to be the Chairman, doing the seminar and they don't really dedicate themselves to it.

If you're really not ready to put in some time sacrificially, give up some weekends, give up your TV or whatever it is, it's not going to work. And the only reason that this ministry is growing, whether it's Mike or me or whatever, is the degree of sacrifice that goes on in regard to family time, other time. Some things we don't like to sacrifice sometimes, but the degree of dedication there and sacrifice just has to be there, or the ministry won't work.

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