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Interview with Ken Ham by Ron Cooper, Part 3

Overview: This is the third of a four part series done on September 13, 1995 at the Dayton Answers In Genesis Seminar with Ken Ham. We will present the final segment next month followed by other interviews. Your comments are appreciated. These interviews will maintain the verbal format with only changes to simplify repeats done in informal conversation. This interview will cover the value of this ministry to people and Ken's personal style of presentation.

Ron: I want you to know there are two people [in our organization] who went to the Cedarville Seminar two years ago; and because of your message, they turned their thinking around, started reading the Bible and both of them nine months later became Christians and are members of our organization now; and they're on fire; and we want to thank you for what you have done for this area and our organization. And we want to work with you to the maximum that you will let us.

Ken: Well, I think, Ron, if you are prepared to work with us, then ask for our advice; we have many years of experience in the ministry. I don't say that to brag again, but the Lord has given us a lot of experience and I think we know what works. Look at Answers in Genesis; and I'm only saying this from all practicality, we have been going 18 months and we already have 19 full time staff; and I don't say that to brag, I'm just saying I believe the Lord has blessed us at this ministry. We have done what he has called us to do. He blesses the Biblical Relevance Evangelistic message; and I believe that we can help even more the [your] group, so as to speak [if your group emphasizes Biblical Relevance]. That is what our group has done in Australia. By the way, I was going to say at this Seminar I have had more testimonies than many other seminars, of people who either went to Cedarville, or got books or videos who became Christians. One guy last night said he became a Christian after watching videos. He's a lecturer out here at the Air Force Institute of Technology, and he said he became a Christian after watching our old yellow set of videos that Gary and I did, Understanding Genesis, and he said here is my daughter and son-in-law and he led both of them to the Lord through the same set of videos. So I have had lots of testimonies like this.

Ron: We think this is going to be an exciting thing happening in the next few years and we hope to see you again.

Ken: Let me say one other thing. One of the things that excites me and that I think you can expect, in years to come; you will learn about some of the positive things that happened from this seminar here. But you might not hear about it for years.

Ron: I agree, thank you. Your books feature what I call a clean, concise message that most people understand very effectively, and they come away with a "Oh, my goodness" kind of feeling, They are saying "Wow, I didn't know that." It is consistent. Did it take you a long time to write those books or is it something God layed on your heart and before you knew it, it was written?

Ken: That's an interesting question. People often say to me, and I don't want to sound in anyway like I'm bragging in saying this; but people have often said to me I have an unique way of putting things and I don't know why. But somebody else can get up and preach the same sort of message on the same topic, but not in anyway communicate the same way, the same information and get the same response. And I just think it is just an unique way of putting these things so that people [understand]. ... I think a lot of it is experience, being thrown to the wolves out there, traveling around, meeting the average person, understanding the way that they think and then [it is] just the way I think, the way the Lord has made me and [is] using [me] in a particular way. I often listen to a person who says, "Look I have a good talk on creation, and I'll give it." And I'll say, "you know what, you believe the same as me, you say the same things, but it is not going to work. Because you can't say it that way, in that order, you gotta do it in this order and in this way." And if they ask me why, I have to think, I don't know why sometimes, I just know this is the way to do it and it's to do with understanding how people think; and [then] really applying it to them. I guess one of the things in my talks is that I know the misconception people have out there. I'll say something, ask a question, knowing that they'll give the wrong answer; then tell them the right answer and they will feel like a fool, well not a real fool. Then they are sitting there thinking, "I didn't know that; I had better listen to this guy." There are those sort of things that I do, it's technique, some of those techniques I don't deliberately do I just realize later and I think it's just the way I think.

Ron: I've noticed lately you have a really good working relationship within your staff. [The mild teasing was a pleasure to watch, I could tell how comfortable they work together.] Is that a deliberate attempt or just part of your personalities?

Ken: Well, (a little laugh) we have times when we have our little friction, but the trouble with this world is people. I don't think the Lord could put people of the same nature in an organization; for instance, Mike--the difference between Mike and me is that I want to just jump in and do things straight away, answer things straight away, get things done. He is more of the army person who wants to plan over millions of years before he decides to attack. And so I am pulling one end of the rope, and he is setting there holding the other end of the rope and so we have to meet in the middle. The Lord gives different personalities, you know what I think the big thing is, even though we might not agree with each other, sometimes even get mad at each other, I think all of us knows that everyone of us in this ministry wants what is best for the ministry. None of us is out for something for ourselves. And I think that is what happens when you get a ministry. [You may get an] ego problem or pride problem, because they really want something for themselves, to build an empire or something. That is when you get your big problems. I think you get problems that can destroy an organization, can cause division; but I think for us, even though we have our friction times, I have never seen any indication of that in anyone, because we all want what is best and we all have our ideas and that is why we work on the basis of unanimity, and we do. We work with each other until we come to an agreement. And we do that on the board. We have an unofficial ideal that will work on the basis of unanimity; and that is what we have always done in Australia over the years and we have never not done it any other way; and that is what we are doing over here too.

Ron: This seminar has been unique in many ways, one of which is that the Dayton Daily News did give a very positive comment. Is that typical?

Ken: No, that is not typical; we very rarely get a positive comment. That's why I very rarely want to do interviews with secular newspapers, because they misquote and then when they do write, they put in emotional terms like, "We interviewed one of these fundamental anti-scientist people today and he said the dinosaurs are on the moon or something." You know, some way out stupid thing. That is usually what happens; we don't often get positive comments from the secular media so that would be rare. Even when they are positive they usually make some mistakes and misquote you and don't really understand the ministry and all the rest of it.

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To Be Concluded Next Month

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