Newsletter Editorials 0102b

ARK Foundation Editorials
With Regard To Law Today
Vol. 1, No. 2
Who among us wonders about lawlessness today? But is it really lawlessness? God has given us a concise Law, we call it the Ten Commandments. Our own supreme court has struck this law down. It cannot, they say, be part of our public places. It cannot be displayed in schools, courthouses, or public lands. The IRS has even ruled its thoughts cannot be discussed in public by churches (recent challenge of the right of one church to discuss political issues like abortion and retain a 501-C-3 status). This is our so called separation of church and state (more on this in later articles). Yesterday We Stood On The Edge Of A Great Chasm, Today We Take A Great Step Forward

Has anyone looked where we're going recently? Who is guiding the way? Would someone please turn on the light? I'm not lost, just misguided, is there a guide in the house?

Where are we going? If you think you are going the right way, then I believe you should guide others. If you are unsure, then be careful where you step, even if it is warm and soft. The Bible has been a light in this dark world since it was given. It works for me; It will work for you, if you read it, believe it, and obey it

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