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ARK Foundation Editorials
Terrorist: Victims Are Consequences of How They/We Think
Vol. 1, No. 2
Many people believe that the Bible does not have to be literal "In the Beginning..." through the first 11 chapters. They feel it really doesn't matter: 1) how long creation took, 2) if Adam and Eve were real people, 3) if God used Evolution to Create, 4) if we sin, since God loves us anyway, etc.. I believe all these thoughts and beliefs do matter.

We all act based on our beliefs. Believing we are animals results in thinking and acting toward people as animals, or at best, subhumans. The Bible teaches we are ONE race, descended from one human pair created by God. We are not many races, just many tribes. Our genetic makeup shows how this is possible. The Bible's simple statement about Sin and Death says death came after Sin as a punishment. Death is not a reward that will make us better people in later generations (read millions of years) or even our own generation. Death is a physical end to physical life. We are not condemned to eternal Sin, unless we choose to be.

If there was no original Sin; If the Garden of Eden and what happened there is untrue or unbelieved; If we are not condemned by Sin from the beginning, then we have no need for a Savior. Therein is a twin problem. First, moral law does not exist and does not get obeyed. Killing of lesser creatures and people is then common. Hate is a valid response. Hope is only in ourselves. And God is unneeded and undesired. God only gets in the way of our morals. Terrorism is Just for those who reject Nature's Laws.

Our thinking, teaching, and acting all have consequences. We cannot always choose our consequences, but we can always choose how we will think, teach, and act. The ARK Foundation needs many people willing to choose what we should think, teach, and act. It is no secret what consequences have resulted from Evolutionary thinking: Racism, Terrorism, Slavery, Torture, etc.. God's Word states we can be set free, the fields are ripe, the laborers few.

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