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My Mistake!
Vol. 2, No. 5
I once heard a story,
I thought I heard it true.
I found out my story,
I thought, but wasn't true.

Assumptions are powerful aliens and powerful enemies. Last month I assumed something before I knew all the facts when I setup the newsletter headline. The Headline should have been, "Expedition found frozen Dinosaur bones." Also Mr. Whitmore does not have a Doctors degree, nor did he say he did. But I thought he did! I was wrong! My apologies to our July speaker and all our readers. Let this be my fix-it-up article!

Assumptions, bad or wrong assumptions, even those which ring of truth at the moment, lead to wrong conclusions and need to be fixed. Yet, there are even more far reaching assumptions that I and perhaps you have or have had. Assuming evolution to be proven is one such assumption.

For example, every piece of new scientific evidence given at the Scopes (Monkey) Trial of 1925 has been proven to be a hoax or false. But there are no retractions in this most famous case on any front pages of magazines and newspapers, that I've seen, about the mistakes of evolution, even though it was front page stuff to start with. And it was front page stuff! It won the public sentiments war. But today many of the stories found in our news publications are the direct and indirect consequences of an evolutionary worldview lived out in everyday life to tragic ends.

Many people have not heard the discussions showing the weaknesses of the evolution model. Worse, few know there are intelligent answers to correct such a problem, if and when they recognize it. Have you been told creation science is for dummies or it's not important to our faith.

The ARK Foundation... is organized to allow you to hear public dialog about the weaknesses in evolutionary thought, learn of good literature, hear first class speakers and to provide creation writers a local forum.

It is not a mistake to be ignorant about critical information affecting why and how we make decisions. The mistake is staying that way when given the opportunity to learn. God has given this organization an opportunity to educate families, educators, churches, individuals, leaders, and others about why believing God is superior science and living.

This is a ministry of hope in a time when we seem hopelessly caught in a culture determined to destroy Biblical thinking and living in our homes, entertainment, work, schools, and government.

You are allowed to have private religion and encouraged to keep it that way by the current worldviews (political correctness, etc.) excluding Christianity. That is a great mistake for Christians to agree to, but it's no longer my mistake.

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