Newsletter Editorials 0106b

ARK Foundation Editorials
How Can I Know God Didn't Evolve Me Or This World?
Vol. 1, No. 6
Has "science" really proven the answers to life's biggest questions? Where did we come from? Why am I here? How shall I act while I'm here? Where am I going? They are religious questions. And religious questions are questions of belief.

What anyone believes is ultimately one personal issue that I believe is going to drive every viewpoint of that person. What does the Bible say about origins? What does true science have to say to support a creation viewpoint. The answers to these questions form our WORLDVIEW. In this day of information overload, there are simple, obvious answers that most people are not hearing.

When it comes to information about the origin of this world, based on what our government, schools, media, and legal institutions are doing and teaching, you would think there is no God. Even most churches and Christians are feeling obligated to find ways to make the Bible fit the world's view of "science."

Whose worldview will prevail may only be a factor of who proclaims the best and the most. Truth does not have to enter into it. Unless Christians are willing, informed and able to proclaim the truth of a Creator, that truth will not be heard.

This battle for the hearts and minds of our children, families and government is being fought with or without Christian input. Come to ARK meetings and learn where the battle rages and how to help win it--where it counts.

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