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The "Evolution" of Education
by Ron Cooper
I wish American education was based on its original pillars. I know our readers do also because I talk to you at every opportunity I have. I have titled this comment with the word "evolution," because it is a philosophy, a worldview. Today it is the Philosophy of Education. There is a better one.

Included in this newsletter is a condensed version of the foreword to A Christian Philosophy of Education. If you are a parent or a teacher, especially a teacher, you will appreciate this book.

I received a teacher's certification in 1970. Back then I had heard the statement, "Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach; those who cannot teach, teach Education." This book explains WHY this statement seems to made sense. It was a common joke in the 60s. It is NOT totally true. The problem is that it is too true.

Why do we need Education (I'm not saying need an education)? Today this Philosophy of Education has succeeded in its goals and replaced those upon which our country was founded. The problem is not that prayer isn't allowed in public Education. The problem is that the God of the Holy Bible is not allowed in public--period!

I have not received any feedback about last month's article to get the Bible, legally, into public schools. There are several school districts around Dayton. Perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe you believe they don't need the Bible. That is what they have now. Any comments?

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