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Does Proclaiming Creation Make A Difference?
by Brenda S. Cooper

In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the science museum displays had an obvious word missing. Not one "evolution" word could be found! (They did proclaim the sun to be 4.6 million years old.) This is not the case for usual "natural" museums. Also they did not use the word natural in their name. It was called the Museum of Discovery and Science.

Could the fact that D. James Kennedy, who is a creationist and has been proclaiming a biblical creation for years a few miles from the museum, has made a difference?

Could we have that kind of effect in Dayton, Ohio? We could if each of us, on reading this took it seriously. In fact, we could have a museum dedicated to proclaiming God as Creator. Will you be active in this endeavor by: 1) Becoming a member of The Ark Foundation, if you are not already a member. 2) Tell your friends and church leadership why it is important. 3) Encourage them to become members.

Why membership is important. 1) A commitment for what is right has been made. 2) It enables us to provide valuable resources for you--newsletter, speakers, bookstore, etc. These do require money although NO salaries/gratuities are paid. Only some of the direct expenses are paid.

Yes, proclaiming creation makes a difference, with the help you can provide.

Eight Ways to Protect Your Family From Internet Porn
by Steven Isaac (Focus on Family)
  1. Keep the computer in a family room where secrecy is minimal.
  2. Spend time with your children on the Internet. Be a participant, not a spectator.
  3. Don't allow use of the computer after the rest of the family is in bed. First, it's hard to monitor children's activity. Second, just like city streets, the Internet is more hazardous (especially chat rooms) when traversed at night.
  4. Follow the age-old rule of street safety that's especially true in cyberspace: Don't talk to strangers.
  5. Never allow anyone in your family to give out their name, address, phone number or other personal information.
  6. If you allow access to chat rooms, family members should leave the room immediately if anyone pressures them to talk, harasses them in any way, or asks for personal information. Never respond to suggestive, belligerent, or abusive messages. Always contact your Internet service provider and seek assistance.
  7. Never allow face-to-face meetings between your children and someone they've "met" online.
  8. If you suspect that pornography is a problem, lovingly talk to your child first. If you are still suspicious, there are ways to investigate the activity on your computer. Review the bookmarks in the Web browser. Search the computer's hard drive for files that may contain downloaded images (look for names that include .gif, .jpg, .tif, .zip and .bmp). Using a graphics viewing program, look at the files contained in the browser's "cache" directory, which stores images from recently visited Web pages.
Don't underestimate the addictive power of pornography. An Affair of the Mind by Laurie Hall tells the compelling story of her struggle to protect herself and her children from her husband's obsession with smut.
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