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In Littleton?
What Happened in Littleton
Commentary From Dr. D. James Kennedy
From Coral Ridge Ministries Impact Newsletter, June 1999
"The tragedy in Littleton, Colorado, has focused the attention of our nation like few events in recent years. By now I'm sure you have heard how students like Cassie Bernall boldly professed their faith in the face of death. At least eight of the students killed that day were devout Christians.

I personally received scores of letters, e-mails, faxes and reports directly from those in Littleton that make it clear that God has been at work in the aftermath of this nightmare. We know that more than 100 Columbine High students have accepted Christ since that horrendous day, and countless more young people across the nation have seen their eternal destinies changed.

Still, the questions remain: What went wrong? What has happened to create an environment for this kind of violence in our schools?

There is no single, simple cause or reason for such a tragedy, but I believe that much of the blame must be laid right on the marble steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. Decisions by our highest court have helped create a climate of moral relativism that has convinced today's young people that life is cheap.

First, the Supreme Court removed prayer from our schools. The secularists made banning prayer a top priority because prayer implies accountability to a higher authority. And in today's secular worldview, man is the ultimate authority. Thus, there is no room for prayer.

Second, the Court rid our schools of the Bible. We should not wonder why Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had no overriding sense of right and wrong. For most of their lives they more than likely learned in school that God and the Bible are irrelevant. In 1980, the Supreme Court went so far as to rip the Ten Commandments right off the walls of our public schools for fear that, if posted, the commandments would "induce the schoolchildren to read, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey, the Commandments."

The Supreme Court also established evolution as the official orthodoxy of public education, censoring any evidence that counters it. Thus, beginning in kindergarten, our children are brainwashed to believe that they have not been created, that they are no different than animals. And we wonder why our schools have become jungles. Finally, the Supreme Court granted legal justification for the killing of unborn babies. With the stroke of a pen, life suddenly became cheap and expendable.

Upon seeing several Columbine High students and parents praying and weeping together, one news reporter said, "Prayer has returned to the public schools of America." In just nine words, that reporter exposed the deadly irony of what has become of our nation at the dawn of a new millennium.

How much more blood must be shed before we return to God? Let us pray that the example of faith which has come from those courageous young Christians in Littleton will cause a mighty move of God's Spirit to sweep across this land, even reaching those marble steps of our Supreme Court.

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