for Truth
Bible &
Reality - 7

by Jerry Izor


Jerry Izor is a substance abuse counselor in Newark, Ohio who has to deal daily with the affect of people believing that there are no absolutes.
There are NO absolutes! Really? Is that so?
Yes! Everybody knows that. Okay. Thatís one.
What? What do you mean? I just said there are NO absolutes and you agreed with me. How can you say, ...íthatís oneí? Well, if there are NO absolutes and that statement is accurate, then there must be at least ONE absolute. Right?
Uh, right. Okay, thatís the only absolute then. Thereís two.
What kind of logic is that? Okay, Okay! Then there arenít any more absolutes! Weíre done! Thatís three. Want to go for four?
Wait, wait! You donít understand! Let me put it this way. There is no absolute truth! NO truth?
Yes! Thatís four.
No, listen, everyone knows that everything is relative! Thatís five.
Youíre an idiot! You arenít using your head! Listen to me! Truth is different for each individual. THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL STANDARD OF TRUTH! Each person makes up his own truth? Each person does what is right in his own eyes? There is no universal standard of Truth?
Exactly! Thatís also six.
You are the most stupid, exasperating person Iíve ever met! You have no idea what youíre talking about! None?
No! Not in any way, shape or form! Thatís seven.
This is insane! Give me ONE example of a universal truth! How about, ...íwhat goes up, must come downí?
I canít believe Iím having this conversation! Okay, thatís the Law of Gravity. Thatís eight. Now, what about, ...ífor every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.í? Or...íeverything is going from a state of order to a state of disorder.í?
Well...if youíre going to throw scientific jargon at me. Thatís nine AND ten.
Okay! Okay! But thatís it! And donít say, thatís eleven, either! Youíll have to do better than that! All right. ...ĎI AM the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father, but through ME.í
I donít trust that statement! Itís Jesus, right? Heís saying Heís the Savior of mankind and that to go to heaven you have to accept HIM and ONLY Him. Right? Right!
No, thatís too narrow! What about all the other religions? And besides, I have to know somethingís true before Iíll trust it. You mean like, . . .íeverybody dies physically.í? Another absolute?
Oh. Youíve been wrong 12 times out of 12. So, whoís more reliable, you, or Jesus?
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