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by Bruce Malone

Humanism Only Allowed Public Religion

"Let not man think or maintain that a man can search too far or be too well studied in the book of God's word (the Bible) or in the book of God's works (the created universe)."
- Francis Bacon , Founder of the Scientific Method
Are creationists bigoted anti-intellectuals who, in the name of religion, want to drag our entire culture back into the dark ages and force their beliefs upon unsuspecting children? Hopefully, those who have faithfully followed this column, are coming to realize that this is not the case. For over three generations most people have been taught that evolution is a fact. Yet very few people have had the opportunity to view the evidence for creation.

Creation and evolution cannot BOTH be true. Neither can be proven by the scientific method. All we can do is construe a model to fit the evidence. But why, in our public schools, is some of the evidence suppressed? Any objective observer would have to admit that evolutionary presuppositions have almost total control over the public education system. Although the supreme court has repeatedly confirmed the right for the scientific evidence for creation to be taught in public schools1, this evidence is still largely suppressed. This is typically not the teacher's fault because they are merely passing along the same one-sided information which they have been taught.
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Instead of presenting evolution as a fact (which it is not), why not present the evidence which supports both positions and let students make up their own minds which has the most validity? If evolution is truly a fact of science and has overwhelming evidence supporting it, then there is nothing to fear from this approach and the truth will triumph over fantasy. This two-model approach was tried in a carefully controlled study with students in the Racine, Wisconsin unified public school district in 1978. This district consisted of 4 high schools and 7 junior high schools. The biology classes were divided into two groups - one group was taught only the evidence for naturalistic evolution (the standard curriculum in most schools) while the other group was taught both evidence for evolution and the evidence for sudden appearance in nature (creation). The result was that in standardized tests given to both groups, the group which had seen evidence for both viewpoints not only knew more about creation but they also learned and retained more information about evolution!2 There are many excellent two model science curriculum which presents the evidence for both evolution and "sudden appearance" in a balanced manner with no reference to the Bible.3

Forcing high school science teachers to teach what they neither understand nor agree with would result in a caricature of the creation model. However, the current situation of presenting the evidence for one of two possibilities is also unfair and unwise. The best option is for the school board and administration to encourage willing science teachers to present evidence for both creation and evolution. This would provide teachers with the freedom to allow evidence for both so students could make up their own minds as to which theory of origins has the most validity. Another option is to invite guest speakers knowledgeable in creation evidence.

Most teachers are only going to take the time and effort to present the evidence for creation if parents are willing to get involved with their child's education. By letting your child's teacher know that you would like the scientific evidence for creation to be presented along with the scientific evidence for evolution, you may encourage some teachers to do so. You might start by placing a set of these "Search for the Truth" articles in their hands. Excellent supplemental texts such as Of Pandas and People4 are readily available and qualified guest speakers would be willing to come if asked.

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