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Biochemistry - 3
by Bruce Malone

Not Enough Monkeys in the Universe

The DNA molecule stores specific information by lining up four chemical compounds in very specific order in the same way Morse code lines up three symbols (a dot, a dash, and a space) to convey a unique message. The order in which these four chemicals are arranged determines not only the distinguishing characteristics of an animal, but also if the organism, which starts out as single cell, will grow into a man or a marigold. Biochemists around the world are currently involved in a major undertaking of decoding the language written on the human DNA molecule to better understand what sequence of codes controls each specific human characteristic. All of this is fascinating but deals with the function of this molecule rather than its origin.
Scientists have had great success in splicing sections onto the DNA molecule, duplicating sections of the DNA molecule, producing the building blocks of the DNA molecule from basic chemicals, and unraveling the code of the DNA molecule. All too often it is inferred or stated that because we can do these things, we understand how the DNA molecule originated. However, just as overly confident scientists have made misleading claims concerning protein formation from amino acids, this is a distortion of reality. Science has not even come close to explaining how the DNA molecule could have originated without intelligent guidance (i.e. creation). Here are just a few of the problems naturalistic scientists need to solve before making sweeping statements concerning life's origin:
  1. When the building blocks of DNA are mixed together they do react and link up...but not in the spiral shape of the DNA molecule. How could this have happened originally if it doesn't happen now?
  2. Great amounts of energy would be required to produce a molecule as complicated and large as even the simplest segment of DNA. Yet the molecule is so energy sensitive that it easily comes apart. Many mechanisms of the cell are in place specifically to protect the DNA from degeneration. How could it have survived before the cell existed?
  3. DNA is not a random meaningless molecule. It carries specific and useful information needed for the formation and development of an organism. Where did this coded information come from?
There are many other major problems which have no answer except for the obvious acknowledgment--an intelligent designer. Yet chance processes (and lots of time) continue to be the only possibilities taught in public schools.

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In defense of evolution it has been said that, "Given enough time, anything could happen. A monkey could even type the entire contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica." Rather than just accept such a statement, let us use the science of probability to ask, "How many monkeys, and how much time?" The odds of a monkey getting just the "e" of the title in the first position is 1 in 39 (less than the number of keys on a typical keyboard). The odds of getting an 'e' followed by an 'n' is (1/39 x 1/39). The odds against a monkey getting just the title 'Encyclopedia Britannica' correct (one time) is 1/1036. If these monkeys are extremely proficient and persistent typists, they live for 15 billion years, and they make one attempt every second for the assumed age of the universe (1016 seconds), this would still require 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 monkeys. In other words, enough monkeys to cover every square foot of the entire surface of the globe, stacked one mile deep, making one attempt every second for the entire assumed age of the universe, might get just the title right... one time. The odds of the useful code found on the DNA molecule forming by chance is astronomically smaller. In actuality it is an absolute impossibility.

Life simply could never form by chance natural processes anywhere in the universe.

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