ICSA, The Indiana Creation Science Association
4971 Riley Mews, Carmel, IN 46033-9353
January, 20th, 2000, a Thursday

The January Meeting of Indiana Creation Science Association will be at the 91 st Street Christian Church. At 7:00 p.m. Room BOOI, a power point presentation by our President Tom Foltz will give a talk on the topic of : "The undeniable Problems Facing Evolutionists."

This will be an opportunity to bring a guest or a skeptic, to show them that all is not well in the camp of Evolution, and why they are frantic to present their message as fact. Please come and bring a friend.

You may also contact by Email Dave Kelly for more information.

February Elections Don't forget, we in Indiana Creation Science Association will elect new officers in Feb. That is, you will! This is a chance to get involved, run for office, offer complaints, make suggestions, and generally become an active member.

Do you think we should interact with organizations that are sympathetic to our views? Do you think we should have more live speakers? Should we raise or lower the dues? Should we have another essay contest to reach young people? Should we do book reviews??? By the members? Should we make books available at meetings, tapes? Should we encourage more member participation? Do you know how? See? We need your input.

Now the beautiful and tasty part of this is that the February meeting will have free popcorn, and ice furnished, with you bringing your own drink. I'd say BYOB except that you might think I had had experience in that practice. It does not take a rocket guy to know this will be a fun meeting. Y’all come. But first comes January. what the heck, come to both.

Paul Eilers

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