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CSA meets monthly at the Westbrooke Church, 9898 West 95th, Overland Park, KS. It is located two blocks East of 69 Highway (or Switzer) on North side of 95th. Refreshments: 6:15PM, Meeting: 7:00PM, Nursery available: $2.50 per child Reservations required for nursury). CSA meetings are free, educational, useful in evangelism... even entertaining.

CSA sells creation materials and has a lending library. Catalogs are free.

Meeting Information (The Basic Institute in Creation Science):
Tuesday, Sept 2, 1997
The Age of the Earth, Evidence for a Young Earth
by: Bob Farwell

Charles Darwin often admitted in print that it was "evidence" for an old earth that had caused him to discard his Bible. Of course, we suspect he was engaged in self-deception, nevertheless, claims for an old earth are a stumbling block for many. This is one of several sessions we do to help rectify this false notion. A professional teacher, Bob is through, entertaining, and communicates well with all ages.

Tuesday, Oct 7, 1997
The Origin of Fossils & Rock Formations
or, The Myth of Uniformitarian Geology
by: Tom Willis

As stated for the Sept meeting, Darwin depended on age as his foundational apologetic for evolution, and he emphasized often that he owed all his brilliant new light to Charles Lydell, a gadfly British attorney whose disciples call "The Father of Modern Geology." Interestingly, while you can spend a lifetime and never figure out how all the rocks got the way they are, you can refute the major tenants of "Modern Geology" in pracically no time at all. And you, like virtually all modern geologists, will not need to read any of Lyell's three volumes on the subject.

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