The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc.
Where Science and Religion Take Their Proper Roles
Who Are We- Answered

We are a non-profit organization set up to Educate, Train, Encourage and Assist All People To Understand How Great Is Our Creator & Designer--God.

We are organized to affect the public dialog on issues of science and religion in our community. We concentrate on presenting information and assumptions behind the two major worldviews with their weaknesses and strengths. Our standard is that the Bible is correct, not like the changing scientific community. We see true science in accord with the Bible, instead of fitting the Bible into the constantly changing Scientific Dogma.

Members Needed: This ministry needs your membership! Our efforts are limited without you. Newsletter only, $10, all members receive it. Memberships are: Associate (no time) or Regular (Do whatever I can), $25; Charter, Special Supporting Membership, $Call; Student, Low full time student rates, Elem-$2, Middle/HS-$6, College-$12; Spouse, $5; and Family, max. $40. Members can give Newsletter Gifts for $8 for the first and $6 for all others.

If you would like to apply for membership to The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc., mail in an application to us and help us make this virtual museum a real physical place in Southwest Ohio.

Some can labor, some can pay, all can pray. s

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We support true science and Biblical religion.
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