Invite ARKY into your church or group!

Do you want to get more Creation Science teaching into your church or other group?  You can now schedule an ARK speaker to come to your location for presentations.  All talks help the believer build their faith that all of scripture can be trusted from first verse to last; that the creator of the universe is also their savior and Lord.  Your available speakers are Mark Jurkovich or Kevin Hadsall.  To book Mark, contact him through, or 937-256-ARKY (2759).  Kevin can be scheduled through his website,


Available talks by Mark Jurkovich

Science and the Bible Overview – a one-hour talk showing that when the Bible touches on the sciences, it knows what it is talking about. Scientific evidence is in line with scripture, contrary to secular teaching. Paleontology, Astronomy, Biology, Archaeology, and others all reinforce Scripture rather than contradict it. 

Science and the Bible (for teens) – A two-part version of the talk above, each one-half hour in length giving a quick overview of the truth of the Bible as it pertains to the sciences. One session focuses on the Global flood and the other on the creation of Life. The talks are geared for a middle and high school audience but great for adults as well.

Trustworthiness of the Bible from the very 1st verse – a 40-minute talk that looks at what type of book the Bible is.  Arguments are presented showing skeptics are dead wrong in doubting the accuracy, historicity and trustworthiness of the Bible.  An introduction of the accuracy of the Bible when it touches on the sciences is also included.

Lies in the Textbooks – a one-hour talk pointing out many of the ‘icons’ of evolution taught in our school textbooks that have been proven false, but still show up in our texts.  This can be combined with the “Science and the Bible Overview” talk for a two-session talk.

("Destruction of Leviathan", 1865 engraving by Gustave Doré. wikipedia)Dinosaurs and the Bible – a one-hour talk showing where dinosaurs fit into scripture.  In addition to covering creatures directly mentioned in the Bible, this talk also covers how dinosaurs were on Noah’s ark.  This talk can be broken down into two half hour talks for upper grade school and teen audiences.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis – “What if Science and faith point to the same truth?”  A complete teaching seminar utilizing a DVD series of the same name by the Institute for Creation Research. A high-quality DVD series produced by ICR of 12 sessions, each 22 minutes in length.   Topics include Biology, the Global flood, Dinosaurs, the Ice Age, Astronomy, the rise of Civilization, and more.  Each talk will be complemented with other supplemental information by Mr. Jurkovich to fill a half hour to 45 minute session.  See more about the DVD series at Optional student guide or viewer guide available for order from ICR.  Can be taught over a weekend seminar or spread over a series of weeks. Great for a Sunday School class or Bible Study group.

Uncovering the Truths About Dinosaurs – another high-quality DVD series by ICR.  This 4-part series provides a thorough overview of the Biblical truths about dinosaurs from dinosaur fossils, to dragon legends, to their link to the global flood, and more.  22 minutes each.   Each talk will be complemented with other supplemental information by Mr. Jurkovich to fill a half hour to 45 minute session.  See more about the DVD series at  Supplemental viewer guide available for order from ICR.

Judgement and Grace: The Message of the Ark Encounter – Hear a one-hour talk providing a walk-through The Answers in Genesis’ Ark Encounter, complete with dozens of pictures taken at the Encounter.  This talk will take you through the Ark Encounter, showing each major exhibit and the message behind those exhibits. See how the Ark Encounter effectively answers just about every challenge that critics throw at the Biblical account of global catastrophe and salvation through one faithful man.  The Encounter culminates with the message of ultimate salvation through the God-man.


Some of the many DVDs that can also be presented at your church or group meetings:

The Uniqueness of Man with Prof Stuart Burgess. Describes unique design features of man that could not have evolved from Apes and show we were designed to glorify God.

The Tower of Babel: Can the "Story" be Trusted Today? with Bodie Hodge.  Strongly defends the historical truth of this important Biblical account.

The Intricacies of Flight with Dr Andy McIntosh.  Animal flight—the amazing design required for animal flight is powerful testimony to the Creator and could not have evolved.

Science Confirms the Bible: Ken Ham Speaks to Teens.  Over a dozen “hot topics” are answered with the humor and intensity that has made this Australian-born educator one of the most-requested Christian speakers in America.


Available talks by Kevin Hadsall

Creation vs. Evolution: Why Does it Matter? - Discusses the following:  The change in western culture from Christian to non-Christian.  The loss of Christian morality and biblical worldview.  The lack of Christian influence on our culture.  Why is this happening?   What is the root cause?

Flood Geology - provides an in-depth analysis and defense of the Genesis Flood.  Presents a scientific model for the flood.  Contrasts the biblical philosophy of rapid, catastrophic processes with the evolutionary philosophy of uniformitarianism (slow-and-gradual).  Details the link between the flood and the fossil record.  Illustrates the link between the flood and rock layers.

The Age of the Earth - Are you prepared to answer skeptical questions on this topic?  This presentation helps prepare you by discussing the following: Unravels the self-conflicting assumption of "uniformitarianism" used by evolutionists.  Shows how worldwide processes or "clocks" are inconsistent with evolutionary timelines, but are more consistent with the Bible.  Illustrates the assumptions and problems with radioisotope dating. Links radioactive decay to the Flood.

Defending Noah's Ark - This presentation provides an in-depth analysis supporting the feasibility of God’s saving work via Noah’s Ark.  Illustrates the true size of the Ark versus common misconceptions.  Analyzes the seaworthiness of the Ark.  Describes how many animals were on the Ark and how much space they needed.  Analyzes manpower requirements in order to care for the animals.  Briefly discusses post-flood recovery.

One Blood, One Race -  This presentation shows how there is only one race: the human race (Acts 17:26).  Explains how we can have different shades of skin color even though we are all one race.  Shows how the Tower of Babel makes sense of the various language families as well as numerous “tongue-twisting” legends found around the world.  Provides a biblical, scientific explanation for how humans lived upwards of 200, 400 and 900 years.

Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible -  This presentation shows how the Bible is the only foundation to properly understand dinosaurs.  Contrasts the biblical view of dinosaurs versus the evolutionary view.  Relates biblical events such as creation, the fall, and the flood, to the dinosaurs.  Presents historical and scientific evidence that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time.  Explains the biblical view of why dinosaurs are now extinct.

Cosmology: Creation vs. Evolution -  This presentation shows that only the Bible provides a logical foundation for scientifically understanding the heavens.  Shows how cosmological evolution fails to explain the existence of stars while the Bible provides a solid basis/foundation.  Presents fascinating admissions by evolutionists on how the big bang model fails to explain some of the most basic aspects of the universe.  Provides an in-depth solution for the distant starlight “problem”.  Presents irrefutable evidence that is consistent with a "young" universe.


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