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Twelfth Annual Dayton Resource & Curriculum Fair (DRCF), April 27, 2007

Vendor List Signed Up in Signup Sequence

Click on Org for their web site or on contact for their Email (if available).

  1. The Ark Foundation of Dayton, (937) 256-2759, Brenda Cooper, Representing the finest sources of Biblical Creation Science materials and Inspirational Historical Biographies available, including: [5 tables]
  2. Math-U-See Of NE Ohio, (407) 783-6996, Paula Judy, Math Curriculum K-12 (student & teacher), manipulatives, fraction kit, cassettes & videos. [3 tables]
  3. Dominion Academy, (937) 224-8555, Amy Willmann, Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO). Handouts, including bibliographies, & course material suggestions. Books for purchase. . [4 tables]
  4. A Beka Book, (877) 223-5226, David Childs, Conv Secy, Christian textbooks for nursury through grade 12 & related materials. [4 tables]
  5. Visual Manna, (888) 275-7309, Sharon Jeffus, We offer the following several workshops in 3 classrooms (403,404,405) at DRCF for students ages 8 through adult. Workshops last from 10:00 to 6:00 in three 2.5 hour blocks (at 10, 1, & 3:35) for $25 or $10 for individual blocks. Students need to provide their own lunch and will have a one half hour lunch break. All supplies are included in the workshops. We start each workshop with a presentation of master painting throughout the ages, introducing the styles of realism, impressionism, expressionism, and abstract art. Wonderful handouts accompany each workshop so students can do follow up study at home. See class schedule for art and more details. [1 table]
  6. A Helping Hand, (317) 862-0948, Linda Joy Dean, Ohio State History. Complete courses for state history from a Christian perspective for all states and all levels. [1 table]
  7. VideoText Interactive, (317) 308-6610, Sharon Lawyer, Multimedia math programs for PreAlgebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry and Trigonometry, with supporting worktexts, course notes, solutions manuals, progress tests, and instructor's guides, PLUS a FREE toll-free help line. [2 tables]
  8. Consignment Books, (317) 745-5792, JoAnn Masterson, Used (some new) children's, Christian, & educational books, toys, games, & related merchandise for home school resources and curriculum.. [5 tables]
  9. Juice Plus, (937) 322-3149, Michael Pepin, Did you know you can get fruits and vegetables in a capsule? Can you imagine how much your health would improve if you consumed 17 raw, vine-ripened fruits, vegetables and grains every day? Good nutrition builds good health. Poor nutrition builds disease. Come view our table display to evaluate your family's eating habits. Did you know it SAVES MONEY to invest in your family's health? Statistics show treatment of disease costs seven times more than prevention. Juice Plus+ is concentrated WHOLE FOOD in either Capsules, Chewables or Gummie form. Simple, convenient and affordable. Give your family the gift of health! Come visit our table! [1 table]
  10. Rod And Staff Publications, (740) 787-2999, Steven Mast, Rod & Staff Publications - Christian School Curriculum & Storybooks; Pathway Readers; Miller Books; Beginning Steps to Reading Series & more. [4 tables]
  11. Cincinnati Bible Seminary, (513) 224-8100, Admission's Office , Admission's Office Question and Answers. [1 table]
  12. United Art & Education, (937) 432-6471, Justin Hunt, Teacher and Educators Product Resources for Homeschools too! United Art and Education is a retailer of educational resources and art materials, with a Dayton location at 799 Lyons Rd, in Centerville. For directions and free project ideas, visit our web site, UnitedNow.com. Since 1960, United Art and Education has served educators with quality products, competitive prices and friendly customer service. United Art and Education has retail locations in Centerville, Hilliard and Cincinnati - Sharonville and Colerain Ave. Shop for fine art products and find fun, free art projects online at UnitedNow.com! [2 tables]
  13. Lighthouse HS Resources, (937) 368-3907, Sherry Root, We sell products and books that we have used or are using in our own Homeschool and are making available to Homeschool and Christian Families. Our desire is to make available products that would help our light shine for Christ. We offer items from publishers such as: Mission City Press ~ Life of Faith ~ No Greater Joy ~ Vision Forum ~ BJUP ~ Managers of Their Homes ~ Doorposts ~ Pearables ~ Warner Press ~ American Girl ~ City Press ~ Legacy +++ Authorized Dealer for Alpha OmegaOmega/Switched-on Schoolhouse ~ Heart of Dakota ~ Keepers at Home Planners ~ Secret Keeper ~ Sisters in Time Series ~ Tomorrow's Forefathers. We also have Inspirational Gifts, Great Family Games, and Time for Tea Items. [0 tables]
  14. DBA Heads Up!, (614) 487-9618, David Boring, Our company, Heads Up!, specializes in products and materials to help special needs learners (like ADD/ADHD, learning diabilities, aspergers, autism, sensory issues) with emphasis on attention, distractibility, fidgeting, missing social cues, and sensory issues. We have been homeschoolers ourselves for eleven years. Two of our children have learning challenges. Melinda has presented workshops for six years and our company was started in 2005. [2 tables]
  15. Creative Memories Consultant, (937) 623-3756, Sara Ramke, Providing supplies and instructions, all the help you need, for preserving your life and faith story in a safe and meaningful scrapbook album. Photo safe scrapbook photo albums, tools, supplies and all the help needed to create a meaningful keepsake scrapbook. [1 table]
  16. Usborne Books, (937) 848-6155, Sheridan Hylton, Usborne Books are designed graphically to draw children in, to make them want to learn the material and to help them retain that knowledge by making reading and learning fun. The books are so well organized that children absorb and recall much of the vast amount of information presented. Usborne Books are designed for home and school environments. Our books are used in conjunction with many home schooling curriculums. There is a wide range of subjects covering history, science, nature, foreign language, reading, math, art, hobbies and parent's guides. Our books are strongly recommended by Mary Pride and have received many prestigious awards including; The Practical Home Schooling Reader, Parents Choice Foundation, Learning Magazine, Parent Council, Informal Education Products, Advantage Learning Systems, Inc., just to name a few. Usborne Books have something for everyone. [2 tables]
  17. Honeytree, (740) 397-2366, Darla Freeman, Teach Your Children Well; Sing, Spell, Read, & Write; Phonics; Explode the Code; Reading Comp; Analogies; Wordly Wise; Reason for Spelling; Spellbound; Spellwell; Spelling Power; MCP Spelling; Easy Grammar; Book Reports; Essay & Research Reports; Writing Strands; Reason for Handwriting; Math; Map Skills; State History; Around the World in 180 Days; Apologia; Music; Art; Planners; MORE!! (4) [4 tables]
  18. Classical Conversations, (513) 336-0382, Leah Bromen, Classical resources for parents, classical resources for students, including Veritas Press, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Saxon, etc. [1 table]
  19. Gideons, (937) 376-2400, Dale Rogers, Free Bible distribution. [1 table]
  20. Greater Connections Ministry, (937) 570-8245, Ray Collins, Mission Statement: Our three-fold purpose is this: To provide meaningful training to teachers, pastors, and youth leaders; To help instill character building values with today's youth, helping to shape attitudes that reflect good ethical behavior; and To connect people with people and people to God.
    Our ministry focuses on: Character Counts, Creation Class, Teacher Training, Evangelize, Genesis, Dinner Mystery, Gospel Illusions, Abstinence Education, Youth Missions.
    We work through Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and recently, The ARK Foundation to help reach you. We will be using the ARK "Time Machine" as a mobile platform to go to your events and public events as God and you allow us.
    Ray has been performing professional magic since 1981. He has been a Christian since 1986. He has worked with youth since 1972. He has been involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) since 2003. He has performed in schools, churches, Dept of Army events, Birthdays, youth camps, table hopping while people are waiting for their food, outdoor events, VBSs, and CEF events. He is married to Tammy since 1999.
    Please contact ARK to schedule events or to donate to our expenses. This is a mobile ministry with associated expenses. It is truly a go into the world privilege. [1 table]
  21. Lightyear Alliance, (260) 224-7350, Laura House, Using VoIP and other things to save money. [1 table]
  22. Generation Joshua, (937) 431-1557, Conner Fletcher, Generation Joshua is designed for Christian youth between the ages of 11 and 19 who want to become a force in the civic and political arenas. Our goal is to ignite a vision in young people to help America return to her Judeo-Christian foundations. We provide students with hands-on opportunities to implement that vision.
    In America today, battles are being waged over many issues-from judicial activism to attacks on traditional marriage to the moral disintegration of our society. In the midst of the battles, we can lose sight of where our nation has come from, and these pressing concerns could crush our hope for America's future.
    We seek to inspire every one of our members with the kind of faith that sees beyond our present circumstances to what America can become-if each one of us consistently impacts our sphere of influence for Christ and for His glory. Here are five major divisions to Generation Joshua. Each division contributes to the entire program in a unique way. The divisions are: Generation Joshua is a member-based program, that is, in order to take advantage of all that we offer, you must first become a member . The cost is minimal, and the benefits far outweigh the costs. [1 table]
  23. Tapestry Of Grace, (937) 845-4104, Wendy Brubaker, [1 table]
  24. Registration, (937) 256-2759, ARKY DRCF, Registration tables will be right inside the door. You MUST register so we can give accurate counts for potential vendors. This fair is FREE of charge! You may also preregister via the mail. The bag of literature, schedules, etc, are distributed here. If you pre-register an Email will be sent to you with an ID#. Just mark how many came on Email and turn it in at the door.

    NOTE: ARK is asking for an optional donation from each family to support ARKY activities or hopefully for consideration to become a supporting member of ARK. This is our only fund raising event of the year. [6 tables]

  25. Tim's Great Stuff Inc, (302) 737-3673, Tim VonDyke, Home School Fair Advertizer. The best in the business and provided by ARKY for your use. Bags will be handed out at the registration table area. [0 tables]
  26. Information Tables, (937) 256-2759, ARKY DRCF, These tables are provided for vendors and HS groups to put FREE information on. Clear it with ARKY first. [2 tables]
  27. Door Prizes, (937) 256-2759, ARKY DRCF, Every hour door prizes will be drawn and the winner(s) posted here. Prizes will be from vendors who are here. [1 table]
  28. Splash - 4H, (937) 372-9971, Joyce E Hill, Snacks throughout the day has been provided by this homeschool 4H group. All profits go to their activities. [2 tables]
  29. Volunteers, (937) 833-6696, ARKY DRCF, [1 table]

Supported by: The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. a non profit organization since June 1995, We support true science and Biblical religion. Email: ARKY Webmaster This document was last modified 8:25:09 PM, 4/22/2007