Juice Plus+ Complete is a whole food based beverage offering balanced nutrition in every scoop. It’s great tasting, all-natural, and non-dairy, and contains the powders from 17 nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, along with a proprietary blend of other foods and nutrients typically lacking in today’s diet. For example, one scoop of Juice Plus+ Complete contains 24 mg of isoflavones, which are particularly important to women’s health.

Juice Plus+ Complete comes in two delicious flavors – French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate, and provides a whole meal’s worth of good, balanced nutrition for as little as 110 calories, depending on what you mix it with. And you can mix Juice Plus+ Complete with almost anything: fruit juices, whole fruits, skim milk, yogurt, soy milk, rice milk. We’ve mixed up Chocolate Banana and Strawberry Vanilla for you to taste today. YUMMY!

You can use Juice Plus+ Complete in a number of ways:

No matter how you use it, Juice Plus+ Complete will improve your diet because it provides so much of the good nutrition your body really needs.

Juice Plus+ also has regular daily diet supplements that provide WHOLE FOOD nutrition – not fragmented vitamin supplementation. Why take bits and pieces when you can have the whole food? There are fruit and vegetable capsules for adults, and Chewables and Gummies for kids.
Every one of these products contains 17 nutrient-dense, pesticide and herbicide free fruits, vegetables and grains. The recommended daily serving provide 5-9 servings of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables the American Cancer Society and Heart Association say we need to stay at LOW RISK for degenerative diseases. CLINICAL TESTING, not just testimonials, verifies that Juice Plus+ raises antioxidant levels from 50-2000% in just ONE MONTH! This is POWERFUL nutrition to help in PREVENTION of disease, and who has time to be sick nowadays? STOP BY OUR TABLE TO SEE & SAMPLE!