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Please note the following changes for the future.

,12th DRCF was Friday, April 27, 2007, 11:30-5:30.
A new series will replace it!
DRCF is a lot of work and was an effort to reach home schoolers.
It was successful, but did not help ARK grow, so ARK will do other conferences.

Current events are at: http://www.arky.org/current/index.htm
Our first in the new series was done Nov 11-12.
It was titled, "The Death of Evolution."
DVDs for all six programs presented are available to order from ARK.
Call 937-256-2759 or Email us for final prices and availablilty.

Future planned conferences will be on the following subjects:
Christian Health & Healing
Worldviews and You
Improving Education
Building a Creation Museum
Making the Bible Real in your Life
Other subjects you may request.

ARK will also be sponsoring bus trips to the AiG Creation Museum.
These will be fun filled, guided (or unguided) tours with reduced group admission costs and a variety of food options.
Bus fares are expected to be about $25 for round trip for a full day.
A separate list and notice will be placed on this web site.

Below is the DRCF's last year (2007) general information.
It is for historical purposes only.
We felt it was a very successful yearly event that was no longer being supported well. It was time to let it go. Thanks to those who did support our efforts. Please consider supporting us and other events you can find on our events paage, http://www.arky.org/current/index.htm

Click here for a Vendor Registration Form

For questions needing answers,
call 937-256-2759,
Mail in form (to become ARK member)
or send Email ARKFoundation@arky.org

A donation is appreciated, but not required for registration.

See Class Schedule for details.
<>Other classes will be from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. Information above is now for this years fair.

Max of 22 classes, most classrooms will hold 25, with maybe 15 more standing.
L6 will hold about 100.

Look at the great class schedule we have planned and bring your friends. 
(No additional cost, except Visual Manna, which has their own registration.)

Plan to stay all day or at least several hours of this short and active day. 


REGISTRATION is Required for ALL families AT THE DOOR or in advance. This ensures we can truthfully and accurately advertise this events' impact. Most vendors have returned each year, because of your friendliness and your support of their products. Thank you!


ARK has always allowed children under their parents supervision and control. We can continue this policy only if every parent cooperates. No child care is provided, but a site is available for groups of parents to share care during the day. There is one authorized outdoor between the buildings. No other outdoor area is authorized for use. This protects your children and the church! You or another adults may also keep them with you.

Every child present must be registered with your family and be wearing a name tag.
ARK personnel volunteers' instructions must be obeyed if your child is out of your control, or your family may be asked to leave.
Thank you for your understanding and assistance.


This has been a successful annual fair in this area. Over 400 families have participated in past years. We will require a registration at the door so we have a firm count. This is a successful fair, with many good vendors!

You will have a full room of vendors This year we hope for another successful event, if you support it.
This is the largest fair around NOT asking for a definate donation or admission charge. We leave that between you and our Lord. 

Educational Programs:

[Classes tentative, subject to changes until last day.]

Most class rooms are about 20' x 26' in size and will seat about 40 people. Attendence is first come, first serve, at registration, for all classes. Mary Hood's presentations will be done twice in a large room at 9:30 & 10:30 (before fair opens). See Classes link for details. She will also have a vendor table. ARK is paying their minimum requirement. The children's programs are expected to be well attended. We are sorry if yours cannot attend because demand was too large.

Programs are subject to change and you should recheck here to confirm information. This is kept up to date, so it may change after you have viewed it. The list provided is current as of date on it and will be updated as we firm it up (at least weekly).

Snacks Available

Snacks will be available inside, sponsored by the PEACH Homeschooler's 4-H group, SPLASH.
A healthy and filling assortment of foods will be available at very reasonable prices to include:

Breakfast Foods:

Yogurt, Muffins, Juice, Boston Stoker Coffee;


Assorted Wraps: Caesar Chicken; Italian Chicken; and Veggie;
Walking Tacos, Hot Dogs  & Chili Dogs

Veggie trays, Nachos, Chips, Granola
Candy Bars, Home made Cookies, Pop, Water, Juice
{Menu subject to change.]

Cost and Value

DRCF is sponsored by The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. (ARK), a non-profit Biblical Creation Science/History Group.
This is the only event we make money at each year! All our other events we do are service events and at best break even.
Hopefully, you are aware we have opened a bookstore and operations center and need addtional income to expand our ministry.
All members in good standing still can attend at no addional cost. Membership support is $25 each, $30 per couple, or $40/family.

After asking several home schooler about the value of this event and comparing it to others, we were told this event is worth coming to each year, but if a parent only comes to buy, a set amount is a turn off. This fair is
convenient, does not require overnight stays, has a great selection of vendors, speaker programs have been wonderful, food is on the premises at reasonable cost, and at $30 it would cost less than any other comparable fair, BUT it's FREE!


We are emphasizing DRCF is FREE!  Only registration is required.

voluntary donation is to support ARK.
A membership with ARK is also a wonderful way to support ARK.
It is only $25/individual, $30 Spousal, or $40/family

A donation is not required. It is appreciation, if you  can afford it. We are thankful that people come.
DRCF is the only event we make money at, but it is a ministry. As a fund raiser this is a significant help to our ministry.
Your donation is tax deductable and you can extend your support beyond the requested donation and be a supporting member.

The more we can raise at this event, the more we can do this year. There is a lot to do and we do it very inexpensively.
But, many times it is not done at all because we don't have the money to do it.

Please ask us for what we can do for you or how you can help us!

Come, enjoy, but you must register at the door. Register and enjoy are the only requirements. If someone would like to volunteer some time, that would be great. Just let us know ASAP. The easiest task is to read the bio for a speaker to introduce them, especially if you wanted to go to those classes anyway. This is a team event and can't be done without help. But it especially can't be useful if you feel you can't come. ARK has been using the Craft family at the door to collect registrations. They just collect registrations and VOLUNTARY donations. This large family understands financial concerns also and are very friendly.

We want to thank the kind support of home school volunteers, ARK members, and the kind support of Hillside Chapel that make this possible.

Attendance must increase for this to continue. This is good for everyone wanting this kind of event near home. Please tell others who may be interested. Thank you. Your donation goes to the work of ARKY which is listed throughout this web site.

The classes are included with registration (except Visual Manna).

Those who would like to become members, mail your checks to The ARK Foundation, PO Box 20069, Dayton, OH 45420.
Remember that supporting memberships have other advantages to you beyond attending this event.


Mapquest map Map to Hillside Chapel, Beavercreek
  • Hillside Chapel 3515 Shakertown Rd, Beavercreek, OH (drive 3.5 miles East of I-675, US 35 to S on North Fairfield to Shakertown, see map)
  • Vendor Area Open from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm 
  • Classes Open 11:30 am to 5:30 pm (up to 4 per hour)
  • Cost: NOTHING! We hope you will consider a donation for ARK's ministry.
  • Thanks: To vendors for bringing great products and to the Hillside Chapel for donating the use of the facility.
  • GREAT STUFF Literature Bags will be provided to all attendees.

Supported by: The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. a non profit organization since June 1995,
We support true science and Biblical religion. Email: ARKY Webmaster