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  • Ohio Issues in 2011 with National Significance 11/3/2011 11:48:17 AM

    1. Obamacare

    Published on DickMorris.com on October 26, 2011

    The worst fears about Obamacare are now being realized in a decision on Monday by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MPAC) established by the law to supervise $500 billion in Medicare cuts. MPAC, whose decisions have the force of law, has voted to impose drastic pay cuts on all doctors under Medicare and, by extension, under Medicaid (which tends to follow suit). The cuts will effectively reduce the real pay for specialists by 50% over the next ten years --- including a 25% reduction over the next three years -- and cut general practitioners' pay by one-third over ten years (and that assumes that inflation stays down at 3% a year).

    MPAC has ruled that specialists must accept a 6% cut in their fees per year for each of the next three years followed by a seven year freeze in their fees without any adjustment for inflation. If inflation stays very low -- at 3% per year -- this cut amounts to an 18% cut in nominal pay and a 50% cut in real pay for specialists. General practitioners will face a ten year freeze on their pay, reducing their real compensation by one-third assuming ongoing low inflation. Higher inflation, of course, would make the cuts in real pay even more drastic.

    The consequences of the MPAC decision will be immediate and drastic:

    The MPAC cuts will bring American doctors' incomes more into line with European doctors who typically earn half or less of what their American counterparts earn -- and deliver worse medical care as a result.

    We have got to stop these MPAC cuts from taking effect. The very future of Medicare and of our entire health care system is at stake. If they are allowed to stand, Medicare will become akin to Medicaid or public housing -- a program for poor people who cannot afford to pay for medical care from specialists outside the system.

    Please take a moment and click the link below to sign the petition asking Congress to overrule the MPAC decision. Providing quality medical care and preserving the Medicare program is something that can reach Republicans and survival-minded Democrats, but we need to raise a storm of protest!

    Click Here to sign the petition asking Congress to overturn the MPAC decision. http://dickmorris.rallycongress.com/5420/obamacare-declares-war-on-doctors/

    Click Here to watch my video on Obamacare Declares War On Doctors. http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/obamacare-declares-war-on-doctors-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/

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