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IOTC Course on
Weeks 7th
Overview of the Constitution: Amendments 2 - 27

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Related to this week's lesson:
  • *Class Evaluations to be completed by next week
  • Week 10 of "The Law" article, The Doctrine of the Democrats. a Socialist Concept of Liberty, 4/6/2011 9:52:42 AM
  • From www.gopusa.com comment by Thomas Sowell - Dismantling America
  • Overwhelm the System, by Wayne Allyn Root
  • A good article by Chuck Norris on the 10th Amendment
  • Sheriff Mack Web site
    Schedule for this week:
    1. Announcements, as needed
    2. Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the USA
    3. Prayer of thanks
    4. Review "The Law" reading for this week
    5. Overview of weekly extra reading, e.g., "The Law" (1850) by Frederick Bastiat, from your workbook assignment.
    6. 30 minute segment from Dr. John Eidsmoe's "Institute on the Constitution" DVD, Overview of the Constitution: Amendments 2 - 27.

      • The Second Amendment: The Right to Bear Arms.
      • The Third Amendment: Quartering Troops.
      • The Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable Search & Seizure.
      • The Fifth Amendment: Personal and Property Rights.
      • The Sixth Amendment: Rights of Criminal Defendants.
      • The Seventh Amendment: Rights in Civil Cases.
      • The Eighth Amendment: Criminal Punishment.
      • The Ninth Amendment: Unspecified Rights (not given away)
      • The Tenth Amendment: Undelegated Powers are Reserved.
      • The Eleventh Amendment (1798):Lawsuits Against States.
      • The Twelfth Amendment (1804): Electoral College.
      • The Thirteenth Amendment (1865): Slavery Abolished.
      • The Fourteenth Amendment (1868): Due Process, Equal Protection.
      • The Fifteenth Amendment (1870): Voting Rights for Former Slaves.
      • The Sixteenth Amendment (1913): Income Tax.
      • The Seventeenth Amendment (1915): Senators Popularlt Elected.
      • The Eighteenth Amendment (1919): Prohibition of Alcohol.
      • The Nineteenth Amendment (1920): Women's Suffrage.
      • The Twentieth Amendment (1933): Presidential Succession (Again)
      • The Twenty-First Amendment (1933): Prohibition Repealed.
      • The Twenty-Second Amendment (1951): Two-Term Limit for President.
      • The Twenty-Third Amendment (1961): District of Columbia Electors.
      • The Twenty-Fourth Amendment (1964): Poll Tax Amendment.
      • The Twenty-Fifth Amendment (1967): Presidential Succession.
      • The Twenty-Sixth Amendment (1971): 18-Year-Old Vote.
      • The Twenty-Seventh Amendment (1993): Congressional Pay Increases.
    7. Optional DVD segment #1: "Politics: Easy as Pie"
      Defining and understanding our terms.
      • Why is America Unique?
      • Why do some things work and others don't?
      • Economic realities, why are they different?
      • Politics is what we vote for in candidates!
      • Politics = Integrity + Economics
      • Integrity is what we can count on.
        • Integrity = Morality & Character (Not doing what is wrong and doing what is right)
        • You can't be doing what is right, when you are doing what is wrong!
      • Economics: The balance of personal choices and personal standard of living
        • Freedom = Maximum Choices and Higher Standard of Living
        • Slavery = Minimum Choices and Lower Standard of Living
        • The more government takes the less we have left over for freedom
        • The poorest nations in the world are all socialists!
    8. Review of the fill-in-the-blank answers related to the workbook outline (Answers are also in the workbook).
    9. Reading and answering of the multiple-choice questions for the week (Answers are NOT in your workbook.
    10. Reading and answering of the True-False questions for the week (Answers are NOT in your workbook.
    11. Discussion Questions as time allows
    12. Final announcements
    13. Closing Prayer

    Assignments for reading/homework:
  • Read/Print SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Related to next week's lesson that has a "*" in front of it
  • Review optional SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Related to next week's lesson that has DOES NOT have a "*" in front of it
  • IOTC Workbook Week 11 - Please try to complete all test questions for week.
  • Assignment for reading from "The Law" (1850) by Frederick Bastiat, from your workbook: pg 250-252, sections
    1. The Socialists Reject Free Choice
    2. The Cause of French Revolution
    3. The Enormous Power of Government
    4. Politics and Economics
    5. Proper Legislative Functions
    6. Law and Charity Are Not the Same

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